Order Today

1. I haven’t received my gifts yet. What’s wrong?

No worries… they are coming! Gifts will be emailed out the week of August 12. All forms must be verified by our team before we send you the gifts.

2. If I pre-order the eBook, am I still eligible for the gifts?

Yes, you are!

3. Does it matter where I pre-order from?

No! Feel free to pre-order from your favorite retailer.

4. Are my gifts coming in the mail?

We will email everything except the posters and the curriculum.  Those will be shipped to you.

5. How much is the book?

The book retails for $15.99.  Links to retailers are available on the Pre-Order page.  Choose your favorite retailer!

6. If I order 8+ books for my group will everyone receive the gifts?

The gifts are just for the person who ordered the book.  You’ll receive 1 of each gift listed.

7. When is the deadline for the pre-order offer?

You must purchase by August 11 to be eligible for the free gifts.

8. I have another question that’s not listed here. Who do I contact?

Please contact Katy Boatman: katy.boatman@harpercollins.com